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  • Journalist, musician, artist: I write stories.
  • Sometimes I teach about writing stories.
  • I write fiction stories, which includes a novel  (a second on the way) and flash fiction at Shorter Letter.
  • I write a lot of journalism stories about how new science and evolving technologies affect people and culture. There’s a lot to talk about. I was a staff technology writer at Wired and The San Francisco Chronicle, contributed to The Atlantic, The Awl, MIT Technology Review, VICE, Matter, Modern Farmer and Vanity Fair, have researched neurology at Harvard and MIT, worked in web startups — even founded one —  and have been interviewed on national TV and NPR. Though I have never written for The New York Times, they have quoted my work. So I enjoy diving deep into how digital tides have and will reshape our world.
  • I write business stories. These include cases, market reports and profiles. Additionally, I lean on years as a manager and a founder to consult on growth strategies. Get in contact to discuss whether working together is a fit.
  • I write rock songs which are on Spotify or da web.
  • I write images which just means I draw but this was the last bullet so it had to stay in theme and finish with a bang.

    To contact me:

    calebgarling at gmail dot com

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